Winning artist of the 2024 Lavender in the Village Poster Competition
Meet Claudia and purchase a poster at the Festival. 
Claudia Zamora was born in El Paso, TX, and raised in Juarez, Mexico, embracing and living between two vibrant cultures. This unique bicultural experience has profoundly influenced her artistic perspective and creative expression. For over 20 years, she has made her home in New Mexico, where she continues to find inspiration in the majestic Sandia Mountains,the colorful Hot Air Balloon sky and the aromatic scent of chile roasting in the fall.
With a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Claudia practiced in the field until the birth of her first child nearly 19 years ago. Since then, she has been actively involved in local schools, volunteering on boards and even managing the school library. Claudia is a firm believer in the transformative power of art, seeing firsthand how it can soothe souls and touch hearts.

Claudia is an artist deeply connected to nature, urban sketching, and especially pets. Her work often reflects her love for the natural world and the charm of everyday life. As an instructor at a local sip and paint business, Claudia thrives on interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, sharing her passion for art, and fostering a creative community.

Claudia s family has unique ties with old cars and VW vehicles, which is the reason she transports her art in Gerda, the Fahrt-Z Art Bus.  Gerda, is a 1969 VW bus that has been painted to be a blank canvas and for kids of all ages to draw or write on with chalk. Promoting the love of art and the healing power of art is very important to Claudia and uses Gerda as a means to inspire kids of all ages.

Today, Claudia lives with her family in New Mexico, continually inspired by the simple joys of life—a walk in the park, blooming flowers, or a cute dog spotted at a red light. Her art is a testament to her love for the world around her and her dedication to capturing its beauty and essence

Links :, citzadesigns on Instagram, and on Facebook. You can also find more info about Fahrt_Z Art Bus on instagram.

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